2014 Competing Teams

  1. iFlourish

    • Building a solar powered laptop case… with a chair.
  2. Buy Blocal

    • Community drive promotion of local minority businesses
  3. Shemay

    • Producing eco-friendly clothing
  4. Go-Go Organic of WNY

    • Delivery service for local organic food in WNY. We deliver and educate people on organic lifestyles
  5. Tender

    • Tinder for volunteerism
  6. BAG Buffalo Automation Group

    • Bulk carrier robots for global shipping
  7. Zealotic

    • Web platform for anyone to express their creativity
  8. PetFund

    • Crowdfunding the cost of animal shelter pet injuries
  9. Three Square

    • Checking into your meal at a restaurant
  10. Skills Repo

    • Tracking the skills of employees
  11. Givengi

    • Make money while you keep up with friends and family.
  12. MedDollar

    • Healthcare pricing transparency
  13. Diabetes App

    • Managing diabetes app
  14. Best Channel

    • Tuition / student training and management
  15. Community Billboard

    • Kickstarter for advertising. Community Ad Buying.
  16. Frat Funds

    • Fund your organization through it’s member online shopping.
  17. Beautiful Brains LLC

    • Driver watchdog system

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