Order for Pitches Tonight


Here is the final order for the pitches tonight!


1) CultureBond: Real-Time Corporate Culture Assessment System for companies to use co-worker peer evaluations and roll up individual, team, and company wide cultural adoption and the whole teams perception of it. The automated tool creates rolling reports that individuals and managers can use as part of their review process and/or personal development plans.

2) woWords: woWords makes interactive learning apps to help children (age 6-9) and their parents learn new languages. Our unique approach let’s families learn together, customizing the experience for more meaningful learning.

3) What’s Up Tonight: We’re building a simple, fast, comprehensive site that allows users to find out what interesting events are occurring in Buffalo, NY. The site will offer personalized recommendations of upcoming events, drawing from a broader pool of content than competitors, featuring events like student art openings and other under-the-radar events.

4) On Course: We aim to use a recommendation system to help college students to predict their interest level and performance in courses before they enroll in them.

5) Vizer: Vizer is an crowd sourced information platform, connecting people who have questions with people who have answers. Use Vizer to share your expertise, or to find a solution for your problem. Leveraging the power of crowds, social media and virtual communities, Vizer is posed to be the future of advice.

6) RentCheck: Simplifying the property management experience for tenants and landlords.

7) Atinga Project: The problem is a lack of economic opportunities in 3rd world countries. Western perception is that there’s a lack of willing workers with skills. Our solution is to provide sustainable income with an environmental sustainable product. With an Informative Marketing Strategy, we can sell ATINGA Sandals to the social equity minded Americans and Africans residing in Buffalo.

8)Flynt & Twyne: Connecting generations through innovative culture solutions.

9) QR Code Scavenger Hunt: A platform and content creation service for higher education, zoos and museums to further engage their customers by providing fun and educational scavenger hunts using QR code technology.

10) HeadCount: HeadCount is an app that ensures you have the right amount of people for any group activity. Use it to easily fill a team roster, staff an event or business via text, phone or web. Create an event, add your team list, rank your participants, and easily find out who’s in and who’s out for an exact count.

11) Discoverable: Discoverable is a mobile application that helps students and life long learners find history, facts and information about the world around them.

12) ActUp: ActUp is a software for the mobile platform that lets its users discover and participate in community events in various localities.


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