The Teams of #SWBuffalo



One Line:

The simplest way for landlords to take digital payment from tenants.

Location: Upstairs


Peer Based Cultural Assessments

Peer Based Cultural Assessments app for businesses. B2B

Location: Upstairs


Language Learning for Kids Game

Providing kids with a language learning game that is contextualized to their everyday lives.

Location: Downstairs by food



Mobile crowdsourced advice platform. Marketing, Graphic Design

Location: Downstairs


What’s Up Tonight

To provide a simple fast way to discover what is happening around you.

Location: Downstairs



App that explains who’s in and who’s out for an event.

Location: Upstairs



Building a mobile application to help people find history, facts, and info around them. Mobile / website.

Location: Downstairs


Atinga Project

Empowering African shoemakers to change western cultural perceptions. Legal, international biz, marketing,

Location: Downstairs


On Course

Using algorithms to tell students how interesting they will find a class and the grade they will likely get. Marketing

Location: Downstairs


QR Scavenger Hunt

Platform for scavenger hunts on mobile devices using QR codes. Business Model

Location: Downstairs


Flynt and Twyne

Change traditional business cultural from a millennial perspective. Consultants, running a business, designer.

Location: Downstairs


Lotsa Buffalo

Solving the vacant lots problem in Buffalo with a web interface. Business Model Help

Location: Auditorium

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